July 2014



Independence Day (JPL Holiday)





·         7/1/14, First Tuesday of each month: PA System Test @ 10am

·         7/10/14: TMF Annual Institutional Inspection

·         7/30/14: Last Wednesday of each month, if needed: Automatic Transfer Switch exercise @ 6am


·         Current average weekly temp: High: 85.0 F Low: 60.1 F

·         Last month’s high: 95.0 F Last month’s low: 46.8 F


·         To reserve the conference room or one of our dormitories, please contact Michelle at 760-249-3650, or via email, for availability.

·         To inquire about office space, please contact Pam at 760-249-3650, or via email.


·         When bringing non-JPL visitors to TMF you need to have a Visitor Clearance for them. Contact Michelle at 760-249-3650 to get a request submitted to JPL Security for approval.

·         All JPL/non JPL visitors who have not seen the TMF Hazard Orientation video will need to watch it upon their first visit to TMF.


-Please submit any information you want included to Pam Glatfelter, revisions will be done weekly.